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iTunes 12.1 adds 64 bit support on Windows Print
Written by Robert   
Friday, 12 June 2015 15:05

I only now noticed that Apple has added native 64 bit support to iTunes for Windows with version 12.1. Previous releases only had a 64 bit installer that actually installed the 32 bit version of iTunes. This switch is great news as it allows the 64 bit version of fre:ac to use Apple's Core Audio encoder without any hacks and eliminates one of the last reasons to stick to 32 bit fre:ac on 64 bit Windows.

If you are already using the 20141005 x64 version of fre:ac, all you need to do to make use of the encoder is install the latest version of iTunes or upgrade your existing installation to version 12.1 or later. The Core Audio encoder will then show up after restarting fre:ac, replacing the inferior FAAC encoder.

For users of the 32 bit fre:ac snapshot, nothing changes as the new iTunes release still installs the 32 bit version of the Core Audio libraries alongside the 64 bit one.