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Sunday, 05 July 2015 15:34

fre:ac snapshot 20150705 has been released and is now available for download!

This release enables the parallel conversion mode introduced in 20140921 by default. The parallel mode runs multiple file conversions at the same time on multi-core processors, thus speeding up conversion times. It will make use of all physical CPU cores by default and can be configured to also use virtual/HT cores.

fre:ac 20150705 also introduces support for verifying lossless output files such as FLAC or ALAC. This can be enabled in the configuration dialog and will add a verification step for each conversion to a lossless format where the output file is decoded again and compared to the original input.

The new release also fixes some issues, especially with the OS X version:

  • Crashes when trying to add audio CD contents on OS X
  • Distorted audio playback on OS X
  • Ejecting CDs did not work on OS X and Linux

Several minor issues are fixed in addition to this and codecs are updated to their latest versions.

Please be aware that this is a preview release which is not meant for daily work and might contain bugs. Especially with the conversion engine being almost completely rewritten in this release, new issues may have been introduced. Please report issues on the SourceForge bug tracker or by email to

The new snapshot is available in the downloads section.