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Written by Robert   
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 18:27

Besides validation of lossless conversions, I did not announce much of what is coming in the next development release, yet.

One major thing is that the parallel conversion mode introduced in September will no longer be marked experimental and become the default and only mode of operation in the next snapshot. It should be stable enough for general use now and missing features like support for non-on-the-fly conversion are implemented. You will also be able to rip CDs using multiple drives at the same time on Windows with the next snapshot (this already works on Linux and OS X with fre:ac 20141005).

OS X users with modern Macs will be happy to read that I am working on support for Retina displays. I ran into some minor problems there, however, so I'm not 100% sure that it will be ready for the next release.

Besides those things, I am working on fixing issues found in the previous release. One that I would like to mention is the inability to add folders that include sqare brackets [] in their name using drag & drop or the "add folder" function on OS X and Linux. This is due to an internally used system call interpreting the brackets as wildcard characters on those systems. The next release will properly escape those characters before passing them to the system call to fix this issue.

The next snapshot will be available a little later than originally planned. I now expect to be able to release it around the end of January.