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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 02:00

fre:ac snapshot 20131217 has been released and is now available for download. This snapshot focuses on improving the OS X version of fre:ac and on stability and reliability in general.

Speaking about OS X, the new snapshot now runs natively on Cocoa eliminating the need to start XQuartz with fre:ac. It also adds support for OS X Leopard (including G4 and G5 based systems) and Mavericks. Please note that for fre:ac to work properly on Mavericks you need to have the 10.9.1 update installed.

Other improvements include a slider to seek forward and backward while playing a track, support for Windows Media playlists as well as support for the Opus 1.1 and FLAC 1.3.0 codecs.

Please note that with this release binary packages for NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris are discontinued due to low download numbers. You can still build your own binaries on those operating systems.

A huge number of bugs have been fixed since the previous snapshot and the new version should be really stable now. However, please remember that it is still an alpha snapshot and not meant to be used for daily work!

The new snapshot is available in the downloads section.