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Sunday, 21 September 2014 20:23

fre:ac snapshot 20140921 is now available for download!

This new preview version features great performance, stability and usability improvements for OS X, general usability improvements such as the ability to sort the joblist as well as a libsndfile base encoder component that enables output of additional simple audio formats like AIFF, Wave64 or RIFF 64.

fre:ac 20140921 also adds an experimental parallel conversion mode that allows to make better use of multiple CPU cores. Using parallel conversions, the new snapshot can be several times faster than previous releases. At this time, the parallel mode is disabled by default and has to be activated in the configuration dialog. It will replace the standard sequential mode in a future release.

Besides these improvements, the new snapshot also fixes various bugs and other issues. Please remember that it is still an alpha version, though, and not meant to be used for daily work!

The new snapshot is available in the downloads section.