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fre:ac Developer Blog

Welcome to the fre:ac developer blog. I will post status updates and other information about fre:ac development here.

Large fonts support is coming finally Print
Written by Robert   
Friday, 02 March 2012 00:46

fre:ac in large fonts modeProbably the single most requested feature still missing in fre:ac is support for large fonts. Current versions use the same small user interface font no matter what your font settings in Windows are, making it hard for many people to actually use the program. That era will be over soon!

The next snapshot will include support for large fonts and fre:ac will finally obey your font size settings. I worked really hard the last few months to make this happen. It was a challenging task most of the time and a frustrating one now and then, but I think it has now reached a state where it is save to announce an imminent release.

The plan is to release that snapshot in late March or early April. Shortly after that, there will be a 1.0.21 Beta release also including large fonts support.

New BonkEnc 1.1 snapshot released Print
Written by Robert   
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 20:54

I released a new preview snapshot of BonkEnc 1.1 just a few minutes ago. This time the focus was on fixing bugs and stability issues. You will also notice that GUI responsiveness has improved greatly vs. the last snapshot.

The list of new features is quite short for this release. It basically introduces an album editing mode for the tag editor and adds ALAC decoding support.

The album editing mode makes it possible to edit tag fields simultaneously for all tracks of an album in the joblist. No need to set comments, cover art or other fields separately for each track anymore!

I think the snapshot is quite stable at least for basic conversion tasks, so feel free to download and try it.
BonkEnc for right-to-left script languages Print
Written by Robert   
Monday, 14 September 2009 21:47

I recently spent some time fixing right-to-left script support in BonkEnc. It was a tough job, but fun to do and it’s great to see everything working in the end.

Support for right-to-left script was really broken until now. Though text display worked most of the time, typing text in edit fields did not work correctly at all in right-to-left mode. All in all, right-to-left-mode was not ready for any serious use.

Then some weeks ago, a user sent me a Hebrew translation for BonkEnc and that finally gave me the motivation to fix this. I implemented right-to-left script support for edit fields and fixed a number of glitches in text display. I finally got everything working yesterday. Now I just need to fix some performance issues before the next release.

Here's a screenshot showing BonkEnc in Hebrew language in right-to-left mode:

BonkEnc in Hebrew language

In a few weeks, BonkEnc 1.0.14 will be released with Hebrew language support. In the meantime, here is a preview release with right-to-left script support:

If you would like to translate BonkEnc to other languages written from right to left, like Arabic, Farsi or others, you are welcome to download the preview release and send me your translations. I may also need someone to complete the Hebrew translation.

Get BonkEnc from Print
Written by Robert   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 11:33

I added buttons for downloading the BonkEnc installer package via a few weeks ago. I hope that this step will increase public exposure of BonkEnc on the number one download site.

It takes a few days until new releases are published on, so they will be offered solely via SourceForge for approximately the first two weeks after a release.

All this only applies to the graphical installer package by the way. The ZIP and source code packages will continue to be offered for download via SourceForge only.

BonkEnc 1.1 development status Print
Written by Robert   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 20:22

Improved cover art support in new snapshot I released a new snapshot of the 1.1 development series a few weeks ago. It previews tons of new features that will be in BonkEnc v1.1.

Most visible to you will be the new tag editor. It is still very limited, but already allows to edit cover art and a lot of tagging fields that could not be accessed in previous versions. The tag editor will be improved in future snapshots to include an album mode and allow tag editing of files not loaded into the joblist.

The snapshot is the first to include native x86-64 support. Currently, only the FAAC, LAME and Ogg Vorbis codecs are supported on 64 bit systems, but others can be integrated as external codecs.

Speaking of codecs, support for the Speex format has been added, the external TAK encoder is included in the distribution and decoding of several basic audio formats (such as Microsoft Wave or Apple AIFF) is now done using a new libsndfile based decoder component.

The new snapshot also adds features mainly needed by professional users. The most notable is support for reading ISRC codes from CDs which is needed by radio stations ripping audio CDs for broadcast.

In addition, it greatly improves cover art and freedb support and fixes some ID3v2 tagging problems.

Another snapshot Print
Written by Robert   
Monday, 28 April 2008 15:15

I released another BonkEnc CVS snapshot yesterday. During the last few weeks the focus was on adding/improving external (command line) encoder and decoder support. This brought support for the following new codecs to BonkEnc:


  • Nero Digital HE-AAC Encoder
  • Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Encoder
  • Helix DNA Producer RealAudio Encoder
  • LAME MP3 Command Line Encoder
  • Flake FLAC Encoder
  • Tom's Audiokompressor (TAK)
  • WavPack Encoder (WV)
  • Musepack Encoder (MPC)
  • OptimFROG Encoder (OFR)
  • Shorten Audio Encoder (SHN)
  • True Audio (TTA)
  • Lossless Audio (La)
  • RK Audio Compressor (RKAU)


  • Tom's Audiokompressor (TAK)
  • WavPack Decoder (WV)
  • Musepack Decoder (MPC)
  • OptimFROG Decoder (OFR)
  • Shorten Audio Decoder (SHN)
  • True Audio (TTA)
  • Lossless Audio (La)
  • RK Audio Compressor (RKAU)

Several other codecs are currently being tested and might be added in a later release. A "How to" on how to add the individual encoders and decoders to BonkEnc is included in the English language manual.

Most of the encoders allow some options to be configured using the regular BonkEnc configuration dialog. Many of them also support tagging with either ID3v2 or APEv2 tags.

I know many BonkEnc users were waiting for some of these codecs to be supported for a long time. I encourage you to try out the new snapshot and the new formats. Please be aware, however, that this is a development snapshot release and is quite bleeding edge. Some of the features of BonkEnc v1.0.x might not work correctly or might not work at all even though they are enabled in the config dialog.

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