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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 02:00

fre:ac snapshot 20110524 adds support for multiple configurations, i.e. you can define additional configurations sets in the config dialog and switch the active configuration from the main window. That way you can have different configuration sets for archival, mobile listening and other use cases.

Other notable additions include an improved preview in the CDDB match selection dialog, support for Ogg FLAC files and support for the .oga extension on Ogg Vorbis files. A lot of effort has also been put towards improving general user interface handling and stability.

The Mac OX X version is now built as an application package that you can start by click using Finder. The snapshot also adds support for the OpenBSD and NetBSD operating systems; the OpenBSD port is still very unstable though.

The Windows and Linux versions should already be quite stable and usable, so you can use them if you need one of the new features. But please remember that this is still an alpha snapshot and not generally suitable for daily work!

You can get the new snapshot in the downloads section.