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BonkEnc v1.0 beta 2 is out Print
Sunday, 22 February 2004 14:00

I have released BonkEnc v1.0 beta 2 today! This version introduces support for the freedb protocol version 6 which brings Unicode support to freedb! BonkEnc appears to be the first ripper to support
the new freedb protocol version!

In addition the release brings the following changes:

  • support for UTF-8 (Unicode) characters in ID3V2 and Vorbis comment tags
  • support for filename generation patterns
  • Greek, Japanese, Chinese (simplified) and Polish language support
  • the FAAC encoder is now included in the distribution
  • updated audio encoders: LAME v3.95.1, Ogg Vorbis v1.0.1
  • improved stability on Windows 9x/ME systems
  • buttons to select all/none/toggle joblist entries
  • an XML based configuration system
  • automatic notification on update availability
  • many smaller improvements
  • lots of bugfixes

Get it at the usual place!